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Smartphone Application (iPhone & Android)

  • Food Ordering System on Mobile in Restaurant

    The application that will delete old style of food ordering in restaurant comes with the separation function of food and beverage menu to be displayed according to type. Food images and detail shown can reduce mistakes from taking order manually. Also, comparing distributors for considering in purchasing ingredients, subtracting stock of raw ingredients after food was ordered, analyzing and calculating capital including cost of purchasing ingredients, used ingredients, and cost of each dish are provided which will be very beneficial to restaurant owners.

  • Bus ticket booking system on mobile

    More fast and convenient for travelers, this system can check bus information, timetable, and book ticket and seat all at once. There is a confirmation system to check the correctness of reservation.

  • Application that works with Map

    To tell the locations, show description of a specified place and nearby area, pinpoint to a wanted location, calculate for the distance, and tell the direction to get to the destination.

  • Accounting Application

    Manage your account transactions systematically by the application that can record payment income, expenses, etc. then calculate balance and make a summary daily and transaction summary monthly. The graph can be plotted based on the summary.

  • Chat Application – contact your friend freely

    Keep in touch, update news, or discuss with friends by Chat application. Send instant text and voice messages, share image, audio, and video files. Create a room for individuals or groups conversations. Easy to find and add more friends in your list.

  • Online Examination Application

    Create online test, timer function, login system for verification, check answer and mark system. Also calculate for the total score, summarize and notify the test taker automatically. Record test history and retrieve for later.

  • Camera and Photo Editor Application

    Editing and decorating photos beautifully and arty by adding color, text, images, effects, frames, and creating amazing collages. The application comes with numerous functions of camera.

  • Online Store Application - sell and buy goods online

    Add interested products in the wish list or add to cart to calculate the price. Provide efficient search function and recommend other interesting/concerned products. Offer variety of payment options. Also be able to check status of order.

  • QR Code System for Advertisement

    Update news and product information by QR code. Share promotions, recommend products and related, and also advertise new brand products.

  • Barcode system for Purchasing

    Show product details, calculate price automatically, record buying history for each customer, summarize sell out product and balance in stock, and generate a report each month.

  • E-book/E-magazine Application

    Make your business online with book and magazine application. Grasp your readers' attention with search function by keywords or category, read preview, recommend interesting books, advertise newly added books, show bestsellers, and many other functions.

  • Other Applications

    Develop application according to your existing system to lessen your cost, yet improve ability to analyze information and other possibility in the system efficiently. Develop system on mobile, connect to the server, we can develop all of them, and we can create the work as you wish.

Website & Web Application

  • Website

    Our company is skilled in design and builds any business website. We provide Domain name registration service, reliable web hosting service, and advertise website for any company; government organization and private organization. We develop and improve website to be more attractive and fashionable for personal websites, company and organization websites, association website, other website project, web portfolio, and web application that works with database.

  • Recruiting Website

    All system for recruiting business system to create resume online for job seekers to post their profile on the website, real time notification function when applicants want to apply for a job and when company post the job on the website, new jobs or job activities notification on webpage. Search function by category. Clearly separate job seeker and employer. An employer can edit or add information to the post. At the same time, seekers can edit their profile for the up-to-date version. Each job post will show the status for the ease of users.

  • Online Room Booking

    This system is available 24 hours. It comes with a notification system when a reservation occur,confirm booking page on webpage, online payment, print a copy of receipt, web board for discussion or feedback, gallery, photos of room type, and notify news and activities.

  • Registration System

    It can generate member ID code, retrieve yearly registration report, add working plan to various departments. Adding, editing, and deleting information of personnel in each department can be done easily. Record work performance of individual officer and make a report. Keep track of checking in and out of work daily. And other systems that company or organization requires.

  • Asset management system

    The system can classify asset to its type. Checking system, rental system, summarize and create report of rental products.Show the list of people who return asset after deadline, calculate a fine, and notify them. It records information of product purchasing. Retrieve information of who use the asset personally. Also, member authorization management is supported.

  • Video Website

    Create website that can display video and categorize them. Membership system that can authorize users of the website. Search option to find wanted video.Easy to upload video file on website, and able to connect to the video file on YouTube website. Create web board for members to leave comments on each video.

  • Social Network

    Social network is a website that connects people all around the world and allows them to communicate with each other on the website. This can create connection easily by creating Private page to give a brief profile and choose people you want to contact. These are privacy setting, adding friends, chat that allow users to leave some messages to others, and check-in to show specified location. We design the website in a way that it can connect to other social networks, so that the social will be more worldwide.

  • Restaurant management system

    Website is designed to be flexible and for the ease of use. You can create and change menu as wanted.The system comes with Quick Sales function, information security, specified table number and location in advance, check booking number, credit card payment, gift card, stock management, calculate and analyze cost, and notify low ingredients in stock and purchasing option.

  • Stock system

    The system is able to classify products, add category, add and delete products, check products in stock, low stock warning, analyze the report of stock daily,weekly, and monthly, and able to select needed information to generate report.

  • Shopping Online Website - Sale and buy products online

    There's a membership management system that works with a login system to keep and display the information of members. The system can add products and show information, has stock checking and notifying, .payment system and payment status, and shipping status. Ordering notification, summary of purchasing order, report of unpaid order, and stock summarization is supported. Moreover, products can be selected to generate the report as needed

  • Logistic System

    The system can manage goods in warehouse via application. Check warehouse. Show product list. Manage information. Add products to the transportation system. Ordering system is included. Notify a service provider when a there's a customer using a service. Notify provider when a customer receive goods. And generate specified reports.

  • Others

    Other websites and applications can be done according to customers' requirements, so that it can be used to enhance company/organization to the advance level such as, photo album, web board, registration system, asset management, and system analysis of organization.